Release Note: 24.03 - March 31st, 2024

Now available ☑️

Release Notes Overview:

Discover new enhancements in our Beta Test, improved VideoPlayer Preview, enhanced Dashboard stats, new EdgePops in the USA, and upgraded VideoPlayer, Video Manager, and Analytics SDK for Android, iOS, and WebOS

Product Updates:

Beta Test: IM + AO for Push Zone:

  • Our Beta Test program now includes Image Manipulation (IM) and Adaptive Optimization (AO) for Push Zone functionality.
  • Test and explore the potential of these features to enhance your content delivery.

Improved VideoPlayer Preview:

  • Enhanced VideoPlayer Preview functionality now displays a backdrop poster when streams are offline.
  • Player continuously retries offline streams until they are back online, ensuring uninterrupted playback experience.

Dashboard Improvement:

  • Introducing Stats Cards for Video Encoding, Video Player, SimpleDNS, and TrafficDirector on the Dashboard.
  • Access comprehensive insights and analytics to monitor and optimize your content delivery performance.

Video Player v2:

  • Experience the latest version of our Video Player, equipped with enhanced features and performance optimizations.
  • Enjoy seamless playback and advanced functionality for your video content.

Video Manager v2:

  • Upgrade to Video Manager v2 for streamlined content management and improved workflow efficiency.
  • Take advantage of new tools and capabilities to organize and optimize your video assets.

VideoPlayer Analytics SDK:

  • Introducing Analytics SDK for VideoPlayer on Android, iOS, and WebOS platforms.
  • Gain valuable insights into viewer behavior and engagement to inform content strategy and decision-making.

Network Upgrade:

  • Expanding Our Global Reach:
  • Exciting additions to our network with new EdgePops in the USA, located in Washington DC and San Jose.
  • Expanded infrastructure for improved content delivery and reduced latency.

User impact:

  • Hooray! No user impact in this update 😀


  • Reach out to our 24x7 Live Chat customer service team for assistance. For questions, concerns, or comments, please email our support team at

Experience enhanced performance with new features in April's Release!


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