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Release Note: 24.02 - February 29th, 2024

Release Notes Overview:

Discover February's upgrades: better backup stats, automated DVR exports, real-time analytics, faster multistreaming startup, plus our new Fujairah, UAE Edge Pop!

Product Updates:

  • Enhanced CriticalBackup Statistics: Dive deeper into your backup data with improved statistics tracking for CriticalBackup, providing invaluable insights into your content.

  • Seamless DVR Auto Export: Never miss a moment with our enhanced DVR Auto Export feature. Now, files missing from the master server will seamlessly be retrieved from the backup server, ensuring uninterrupted content availability.

  • Real-time CDN Analytics: Accelerate your decision-making with faster and more accurate Real-time CDN Analytics, powered by Elasticsearch. Gain actionable insights in an instant.

  • Streamlined Multistreaming Startup: Get your streams up and running faster than ever before with improved startup times for Multistreaming, streamlining your broadcasting process.

Network Upgrade:

  • Expanding Our Global Reach: Introducing our latest addition to the network, a new Edge Pop in Fujairah, UAE. This expansion further enhances our global footprint, delivering lightning-fast content delivery and improved performance across the region.

User impact:

  • Hooray! No user impact in this update 😀


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