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Release Note: 24.01 - January 31st, 2024

Release Notes Overview

  • EdgeRules Just Got Better: Discover the Latest Behaviors + Origin IP List!

Feature Updates

  • EdgeRules - New Behaviours: HSTS, Midgress Caching, CMS, XFF, TLS, and Many More
    Elevate your content delivery with EdgeRules' latest enhancements! Now featuring new behaviours including HSTS for enhanced security, Midgress Caching for optimized content delivery, support for various CMS platforms, XFF header for accurate client IP information, TLS for secure connections, and more. Tailor your CDN to your specific needs and provide users with a faster, safer online experience.

Security Update

  • Origin IP List Page - Know 5centsCDN Origin IP for Easy Whitelisting
    Simplify your network security with 5centsCDN's OriginIP List Page. Quickly access a comprehensive list of 5centsCDN Origin IPs for hassle-free whitelisting. This feature ensures secure and efficient content delivery by allowing your infrastructure to easily recognize and trust traffic coming from 5centsCDN, streamlining the setup process and enhancing overall security.

User impact:

  • Hooray! No user impact in this update 😀


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