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Release Note: 23.10 - October 31, 2023

Release Notes Overview:

  • October Unleashed: Elevating Your Content Delivery Experience. From enhanced performance to cutting-edge features, our latest updates redefine the way you deliver and experience digital content with 5centsCDN.

Product Improvements:

  • Improved Scheduled Playlist Performance:
    Experience enhanced performance with smoother scheduling of your playlists for seamless content delivery.

  • Improved SuperEncoder Performance:
    Enjoy faster and more efficient encoding with our improved SuperEncoder, delivering top-notch performance for your video content.

  • Livestream Transcode/Multistream Backend Moved to Cloud-Based Services:
    We've upgraded our backend to cloud-based services, ensuring a more robust and scalable foundation for your live stream transcoding and multistreaming needs.

  • Improved DVR AutoExport Performance:
    Experience quicker and more reliable DVR AutoExport functionality, making it even easier to manage and export your recorded content.

New Product Features

  • Added ABR Playback for Timeshift:
    Now, benefit from Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) playback for Timeshift, providing adaptive streaming based on your content's source and transcoding settings.

  • Added Livestream Transcoder Log:
    Get insights into your live stream transcoding process with the new Livestream Transcoder Log, allowing for better monitoring and analysis.

Product Update

  • VideoPlayer v2 (Beta):
    Explore the future of video playback with the beta release of VideoPlayer v2, offering an enhanced and immersive viewing experience.

User impact:

  • Hooray! No user impact in this update 😀


  • Reach out to our 24x7 Live Chat customer service team for assistance. For questions, concerns, or comments, please email our support team at

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