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Release Note: 23.04 - Apr 30, 2023

Release Notes Overview
Our most recent update provides enhanced functionality, improved performance, and bug fixes, while our security updates guarantee the safety of your information at all times.

New Features:

  • SuperEncoder: With our latest enhancements, you can achieve encoding speeds up to 30 times faster than before.
  • Video Encoding: Our latest video encoding enhancements include a redesigned job history page that provides detailed information and lets you easily preview source/output files.
  • SimpleDNS: We've made an update to SimpleDNS that allows the user to select the preferred record type to load by default when you view the domain details page.

Changes/Bugs Update

  • E+ - Image Optimization: Fixed the bugs for the incorrect statistics
  • E+ - Edge Rules: We've added new behaviors such as Front-End Optimization, Enhanced Akamai Protocol, Resource Optimizer, Log Custom Details, Security Failover, Strict Header Parsing, and Script Management.
  • Pricing Change: We've individually segregated the Video Encoding & Recording Minutes pricing. Now we call them 'Live Recording Minutes' & 'Video Encoding Minutes.'

Usage History:

  • As requested, we have added SimpleDNS, Traffic Director, Web Application Firewall, Adaptive Image Compression, and Image Optimizer usage reports
  • You can now track disk usage by date and resource per month, giving you greater visibility into your storage needs.

User Impact:

  • Hooray! No user impact in this update 😀

Additional Notes:

  • E+ mPulse: Adding more data for the website analytics (Reports Coming Soon)


  • Reach out to our 24x7 Live Chat customer service team for assistance. For questions, concerns, or comments, please email our support team at

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